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Glamor, the magazine of glamour and glamour, has revealed its new portfolio, and it is with the most fashion-forward of names: Glammar.

In a series of images from its brand page, Glammer’s editor-in-chief, Gertrude Pritzker, said it wanted to showcase the “faux glamour of life, with a strong sense of humor.”

She explained that “the fashion we love is what defines our lives, and we wanted to celebrate it through our magazine.

A lot of what we love, we are able to share with our readers through the glamour in our lifestyle.”

In one image, Pritzkers husband, photographer and film-maker Michael LaPorte, wears a suit jacket that looks “the way he always does,” Pritzers own style is “very masculine,” and the outfit is “almost timeless.”

The designer-fashion writer also wrote that Glammers latest edition, which will be released in the first half of 2017, “is not just a new collection of pictures that will reflect our current style, but it is a collection of ideas that are being explored in an attempt to redefine how we look.”

“We want to bring you in-depth insights into how we feel about our clothes, the products we wear, the people we love and the way we want to be seen,” Pritzer wrote.

“We’re also looking for inspiration from people who have a passion for fashion and want to tell stories about it, whether it be about the fashion we want or the products that we use.”

Glamour is the latest fashion brand to jump on the glamor bandwagon.

The Paris-based Vogue recently unveiled a new line of “modern fashion,” which includes a “fashions with the future” collection that features fashion from “everyday women.”

“For many, glamour is synonymous with the past, and many women find themselves drawn to it because of its promise of glamor without the past trappings,” said the brand’s editor, Stephanie Auerbach.

“In this collection, the future looks like the past with a contemporary twist.

The fashion is modern, and the women are chic.

The future is beautiful.”

Glimmer, which also runs fashion blogs and has a social media presence, has a number of publications, including Glam Magazine, which has a sister site called Glam.com, which features more fashion and lifestyle content.

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