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An image posted by @samantha_crosby on Nov 14, 2017 at 11:19am PST The selfie is not always a good thing, but it’s the truth.

If you’re doing it wrong, you’ll find yourself getting it wrong or looking like you’re taking the photo wrong, or both.

In the case of Instagram’s new app, you can opt for the most natural, unflinching shot possible.

You can also use it as a tool to snap some great photos, even if they aren’t necessarily flattering.

Here are five tips to help you avoid the pitfalls of a selfie.


Do a proper selfie If you take a selfie without thinking, you risk looking like a complete idiot.

It’s tempting to just take the selfie and move on, but that’s not a good look.

The best selfie you can take without thinking is one that shows off your personality and makes you feel good about yourself.

To create that look, you need to be very careful.

You’ll want to make sure that the person you’re posing with doesn’t look at you funny, and you’ll want them to be able to hold your gaze for a few seconds at a time.

You might also want to wear makeup to make yourself look younger.

A great selfie is one you want to share, not a one you’re going to share with your boss.


Keep your eyes open When it comes to selfies, your eyes should be open.

When you’re using the app, there are two ways to take a picture: with the app on, or from the camera.

The camera is a bit tricky, but there are some tricks to making sure you’re capturing the best shot possible: Don’t take the shot from the side.

This may seem obvious, but this is where you could end up with the most blurry or grainy shot.

Instead, hold your phone so that you’re looking straight ahead at the camera, and then pull the phone back to your ear to take another picture.

When it’s time to take the next picture, look directly ahead and pull your phone back again.

Keep an eye on the person holding the camera and don’t let your phone move in front of you, lest your picture get blurry.

You should also keep your eyes on the background and keep them open.

This will make it easier to focus on the subject in the shot.


Don’t get your selfie too close to the subject A selfie may look good, but if you take it too close, you could get a photo that looks like a zoomed-out version of yourself.

A selfie isn’t always a great way to capture yourself, so it’s best to keep it to a couple of feet away.

Even if you’re not in the picture, you might want to use a zoom lens, as this will let you take even better photos.

You don’t want to be too close or too far away from the subject.


Don.t try to catch the eye of the person in the photo.

Donning a mask and sunglasses will help you capture the subject better, but a camera lens will be much easier to use.

Don a mask or a black headband so you don’t get caught in the lens, and don a hat so you can keep your focus on your subject.

This can make it much easier for you to take better photos, since your subject is in the frame.


Don,t use the camera to capture your face The best way to make a selfie is to get as much focus as possible on your face, so don’t use your phone’s camera as a lens.

This is because if you do use your camera as an image sensor, you’re likely to get blurry or even out of focus images.

You may also get a picture that looks too close for comfort, and this can create a headache when trying to take more photos.

Don the mask and the hat so that your subject doesn’t see you or notice your presence.


Use the camera when you’re really in the moment and not distracted by anything When it seems like a selfie isn´t going to work out, try using the camera on the right hand side of the screen instead of the left.

It should take a good picture without distracting you, and it’s better to be a bit more focused.


Make sure the photo is in focus Don’t be tempted to take selfies that aren’t perfectly in focus, or that don’t include the subjects facial features.

These may not be flattering to your body or hair, and the photos will look less flattering.

For example, you may want to take some of your shots with your hands, because you don´t want the image to be blurry or blurry enough to distract you from the fact that you have a beard.


Don´t put your phone down when you take your photo.

It could look awkward, and if you don`t want to look like you’ve done something

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