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The Sport’s favourite beauty photographers have a simple formula: capture a beautiful moment in an event or portrait photo.

The Sport says: “Beauty is everything in the world.

It is something we live for, something we are passionate about, something that captures us and gives us joy.

It doesn’t have to be glamorous.

If it doesn’t capture us, it isn’t worth it.”

We know this from our own personal experience of capturing beautiful moments and the countless times we’ve seen people, businesses, celebrities and our favourite athletes taking photos in the moments before, during and after events.

We’ve already covered the best and worst beauty moments, but what about capturing an event in the photos you create?

How can you capture the essence of an event without looking like a complete fraud?

Here are 10 tips for capturing an image that captures the essence.


Look at your subject.

“The beauty is the essence” says the Sport, and the beauty is what makes a beautiful photograph.

“A beautiful photo will be a perfect photo” says Kelly McEwan, the founder of Photography Plus.

“It doesn’t matter how beautiful the subject is, if it is not an individual, it doesn ‘t matter if it looks like someone else or not”.

If you’re photographing someone who isn’t in the shot, look at them and judge if it makes sense to your audience to look at the subject instead of the camera.

“If it looks too busy, that’s a problem,” says McEwen.

“Look at the background and you can see it is busy but that is where the beauty lies.

It should look natural and not distracting.”

“When it comes to the subject, you can always find your ‘sweet spot’.

You can see what you like in it and then pick it out,” says Lauren O’Connor, the editor-in-chief of Beauty.com.

“This way, if the subject does not look good, it won’t distract from the shot.”

“Always remember to shoot the subject in a flattering way, not at an angle,” says Kelly.

“Make sure the subject’s arms are crossed or stretched out, not bent over.

When shooting subjects, remember to make sure they have their heads close to the camera.”

If the subject has a low-key body language or a low expression, it’s better to leave it to the photographer.

“Don’t try and capture a flattering body language, it just looks fake,” says O’Connor.

“Just don’t give them a look that is too big, too heavy or too fake.”

“Make a portrait of the person in the photo,” says Mark.

“And it should feel like a portrait.

If you have a great subject, the photographer should know what he or she is looking at and that will help.

This way, the viewer can relate to the person.”


Don’t use the same photo for every image.

“Do not make every photo look the same.

I do not use this exact method, but it works well for me,” says Katie O’Mara, founder of Instagram.

“I have a very consistent process when I shoot my clients.

If I shoot a picture and it looks perfect, I shoot another one and I’ll go back and check if it’s the same image.”

“I look for that one shot that makes the most sense and I use that one photo,” adds Kelly.

If the photographer is not sure about a shot’s authenticity, try asking them to explain.

“When I do this, they usually get it straight away and give me feedback and tell me where I can improve on it,” says Kate.

“That is how I get better.”


Choose the right lens.

“You can’t do all things in one shot,” says Lee.

“As with any other type of photography, you have to choose the right one.”

A lens is a tool, and it has to be precise, precise and sharp.

“We use the Nikon D300 and a Canon 50mm f1.4 lens for the portrait,” says Kim.

“They are sharp and precise and have great color reproduction.

When it comes down to it, I don’t care how you use the lens.

You have to do it right.”

“It’s all about the subject,” says Taylor.

“Your subject should be beautiful and your subject should have a sense of personality.

You want them to feel good about themselves and you want them be happy.”

“You want to capture an emotion,” says Kay.

“Not just a look.”


Use your camera.

You need to make a choice when shooting a subject, says Ockham.

“Pick a camera and choose it well,” says John.

“Most photographers will choose a camera that they know and love and then they will use it well.”

When choosing your camera, “you should look at it for five seconds and then go back to the shoot

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