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Portrait photography is often described as the art of taking beautiful photos of someone who looks amazing in front of a mirror, but it’s far from that simple.

“It’s a lot more than just taking a photograph,” said Michael Ault, a professional photographer from Portage, Manitoba.

You need to be in their shoes.” “

When you’re in front the camera you’re looking at a person and you have to be able to capture the soul of the person in front.

You need to be in their shoes.”

Michael Aults, a Portage photographer, explains how to get the most out of your portrait.

2:27 This is where Ault comes in handy.

“I work with celebrities and I work with other celebrities,” he said.

“There are some celebrities that I work alongside that I’ve never seen before, that I know that I could work with.”

Ault says he’s used to working with people that look different, but there are some people he likes to work with that he says aren’t quite as good.

“We work with people who are really good at what they do, and then there’s the guys that are just average,” he explained.

“They’re just not that good.”

A few of the most successful celebrity portraits are ones that are both stylized and flattering.

“If I’m a model I’ll probably work with somebody who is a little bit more conservative,” he continued.

“Some of my favorite portraits I’ve ever done, I’ve worked with a woman that was a little more conservative and I worked with someone who was a lot bigger than me.”

This is how Ault’s work with some of the country’s most famous stars looks.

Ault was once one of the leading portrait photographers in the country.

Now he’s one of Canada’s most sought-after portrait artists.

“The reason I’m so well-known in this industry is because of my work with Justin Bieber,” he admitted.

“Because I’m from Porta-Vista, I know all the guys from Port-Val-Marie.”

Aussie glamour photographer Michael Aunsom was a fan of the Biebs and his portraits of his own mother were one of his favorites.

“She was beautiful in a glamour way, but the more you look at her the more she looks like a normal human being,” he told CBC News.

“And she’s beautiful, but I think the more I looked at her, the more we connected with her.”

It was when he started working with Justin that he began to realize the beauty in the world of glamour photography.

“My first portraits of Justin were my mother and his mother,” Aunsoms mother said.

Aunsomes work has been featured in magazines like Vanity Fair and The National Post.

He also has some work for men’s fashion magazines like Style, where he’s worked with some celebrities.

“People want to know, ‘How did you do this?’

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked that,” Aults said.

He says he likes the challenge of being able to take someone’s picture.

“Every day you’re doing something you love to do and you’re just having fun,” he added.

“That’s what it’s about.”

This isn’t the first time Aults has worked with celebrity portraits.

In 2009, he worked with Justin to get his first glamour portrait, which turned out to be his mom.

“His mom is really beautiful, and that’s what I love about it,” he recalled.

Aults’ work with celebrity photographers is considered a major part of his job, as it allows him to get some of his work published.

“Being able to do something like that in front, with his mother, was very cool,” Ault said.

“I think it’s something that he can relate to, because he was really taken with her,” said his wife of six years, Heather.

“He loved her, and he’s got this great love of his mother.”

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