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The world’s most advanced cameras are capturing images at a staggering rate, with millions of images being captured every second.

But what is the difference between a black hole and a normal object?

How does it affect the quality of the image, and what are some common misconceptions about what a blackhole actually is?

Here are some of the most common misconceptions, and why you should pay close attention when you’re looking at images of the universe.1.

Black holes are nothing but matter.

The world knows this, but it’s actually the other way around.

A black hole is not just a dark object, but is also a swirling mass of material that exists between the galaxies, with the core of the black hole being a very massive star.

The image above, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, shows the massive star cluster M82.

The black hole in the center of the galaxy is at the top of the screen.

The image below, taken with the Subaru Telescope, also shows the core, but there’s nothing there.

In this image, the star cluster is actually a disk of gas and dust.

These black holes form when the stars merge and form a dense, star-forming region.

It’s important to remember that these stars are spinning so fast, the stars will be moving faster than light.

These stars will also create what is called a “black hole lens.”

The black holes lens is formed when the star’s gravitational pull on the black holes star causes a very strong magnetic field that bends light from the star, and makes it appear as though it’s moving away from the blackhole.

This is called “sparse absorption” or “redshift.”

This effect is so strong, in fact, that the light that falls on the surface of the disk is magnified.

This image is a composite from more than 300,000 images taken by Hubble, and is known as the Cosmic Background Imaging Spectrograph (CBI).

In the foreground, the image was taken with Hubble’s Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS).

This image shows the disk of material in the black-hole region that surrounds the star M82, which is actually the Milky Way.

This black hole lens effect has been observed in galaxies across the universe, from the Big Bang to the present.2.

Black hole images are all taken at night.

This misconception is based on a misunderstanding of how our eyes work.

While our eyes do not see the light coming from the stars in our night sky, they can still distinguish subtle differences in light that are produced by black holes.

These subtle differences are called “brightness differences” or BIDs.

In addition to the BIDs, the brightness differences in black holes can also be detected using other astrophysical phenomena.

For example, some black holes produce more light than other galaxies, which are also capable of producing light, because they emit more radiation.

Astronomers have found evidence of these BIDs in galaxies in the Perseus Cluster, an area of the sky near the Milky Ways core.3.

Blackholes are so big that they are actually a “giant galaxy.”

This is not the case.

In fact, black holes are only a fraction of the mass of the Milky Warming Grazers, or the Milky Lamps, a cluster of galaxies that is so massive that the stars that orbit around them would be in our galaxy.

The Andromeda Galaxy is one example of the Andromeda Galaxy, which was found to be a small, supermassive black hole.

It is estimated that the mass and mass density of the supermassive supergiant black hole are approximately equal to the mass density and mass of Jupiter.

This means that if the Andromeda galaxy were a fraction the size of our galaxy, it would be the Milky Light.

The BIDs can be detected with the Hubble Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) telescope, which provides infrared light from space.4.

Black-hole-like objects are called black holes because the light they emit has a wavelength of about 100,000 light-years.

This wavelength is called the “wavelength of the deepest galaxy.”

The Hubble Space Observatory has confirmed that the black holes in the Andromeda cluster are emitting light that is about twice as intense as the visible light from our own galaxy.

This indicates that these huts are really massive, and their mass is so much that it makes it possible to see them with the naked eye.

These images were taken with an instrument called the Cosmic Origins Explorer, which uses three-dimensional imaging to study the cosmic background.5.

Black stars are actually dark stars, but they’re actually hot stars.

These bright stars can be seen with the telescope, but the energy they produce is very low, which makes them extremely difficult to detect.

The amount of energy that a star emits is a function of its radius, which measures the distance it’s from the center.

For the Andromeda Black Hole, its radius is estimated to be about 40,000 miles (60,000 kilometers).6.

Blackhole images are

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