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In the spring of 1857, Benjamin Franklin had just arrived in Philadelphia and was looking forward to his first formal photography session.

At the time, Franklin was one of the few photographers in America who was working exclusively on portraits and, unlike his contemporaries, he was willing to do so in front of a white, white, and blue backdrop.

When Franklin was done, he wrote his diary entries about the experience: It is one of those pictures which, though taken at a distance, brings you close enough to experience it for yourself.

The pictures, which have been preserved in the National Archives and preserved as a kind of visual record of American life, show us the life and times of this young man and how he transformed into a portrait photographer and photographer of the South.

For years, this was the only photograph Franklin ever took.

It has since become an iconic image of his life and portrait work, but for many people it remains a symbol of the Civil War.

The photograph that Franklin and his colleagues took of the Confederate soldier Lee at the Battle of Gettysburg was the first of Franklin’s portraits to be published.

But for many, it is the most famous and well-known photograph in American history.

It became a national symbol of Southern resistance to the Union forces during the Civil Wars.

The original photograph of Lee was taken by a slave called George Boggs, who had been hired by the Confederate army in the hopes that the Union army would come and capture him.

Bogg’s photo, which has been on display at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C., has become a symbol for Southern pride and rebellion, as well as a rallying cry for the Civil Rights movement.

It is a photo that, though it was taken at close range, still resonates.

Benjamin Franklin, the first person to photograph and publish a photograph of the slave Lee, has been hailed as a pioneer.

But the true significance of the photograph goes much further.

Franklin was the founder of a movement known as the American Society of Portrait Photographers.

His group, founded in 1836, became the first major association to recognize the importance of portraiture in the creation of portraits of subjects and objects, as opposed to portraits of people.

The group also introduced a new approach to the study of photography that began to take hold in the early 20th century.

The movement grew to include more than 200 members by the time of the Second World War, when its members were largely composed of young people and the emerging social media era.

But its founding vision was not to serve as a repository for all of the world’s most famous images.

Rather, its goal was to produce works of art that would reflect the history of the United States in a way that was meaningful to the citizens of the country.

Franklin, for instance, sought to use the power of the printing press to document the history and social movements of the era.

His goal was the same as many other photographers of the day: to bring to life the people of his day and the people they were representing.

He believed that his portraits, as works of history, could be viewed by anyone, regardless of the medium or technology they were produced on.

Franklin and other early portrait photographers were driven by the need to capture the “true nature” of people in portraits, said David E. Purdy, a professor of art history at the University of Virginia and author of The Portrait of Benjamin Franklin: An Illustrated History.

Purity of vision Benjamin Franklin’s work was driven by a desire to bring a person to life, Purdy said.

“His goal was purity of vision,” Purdy explained.

“He wanted to capture what the subject was thinking and feeling and what he was feeling.

That’s why he made so many portraits of slaves.

He wanted to see the person in his own eyes.”

Franklin’s focus on his subjects was rooted in his philosophy of “beauty.”

In his autobiography, Franklin described the way he approached portraits: I look at a portrait of a person and then I make the image into an image, so to speak, of the person, to see how they see me and how they perceive me.

I have no particular preference as to what color, shade or style the picture should be taken in.

I prefer to make a picture that is both true and beautiful, and that is pleasing to the eye and pleasing to my soul.

Franklin’s philosophy was not unique to him, but it has since been echoed by many other portrait photographers, Pushing said.

In the first half of the 20th Century, the most common way to make an image of someone was through a light source, said Pushing, a photographer at the Museum of Fine Arts in New York City.

The light source was often a small mirror or lamp that could be used to capture a subject’s face.

That was often the case in portrait studios because they were often the only place in the world where people

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