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With the advent of the digital age, architecture is changing as we know it.

From our homes, office towers, and factories, to our homes and parks, our cities and streets are changing.

But we’re not just seeing these changes.

In a new study, The Globe and Mail has analyzed the changing faces of architecture around the world and determined how our architectural landscape is changing.

As the world’s population continues to rise, the number of people living in cities is expected to increase, and a growing number of the worlds most vibrant cities are also expanding.

In cities, the pace of change is accelerating.

We’re living in an era of architecture change.

As cities become more urbanized, there are more people who want to live in them.

As urban development intensifies, so too does the demand for space, and with it the demand to create a more sustainable and livable city.

With this in mind, The New York Times has commissioned architectural studio Architects and Engineers for Environmental Responsibility to examine how the development of new housing and buildings in the U.S. has impacted the shape of the landscape and the quality of life of its inhabitants.

The report, Building a City on the Edge: The Changing Face of the World’s Urban Landscape, is based on an interactive graphic created by the New York-based architectural firm.

The interactive design allows the reader to explore the visual and historical trends that shape the landscape around us, and it also provides a comprehensive look at the changing design landscape around the globe.

We wanted to take a closer look at some of the major trends that are changing the landscape of architecture in the United States.

Architecture’s changing landscape of cities is reflected in a growing trend of architectural design changes The report offers a visual tour of the changing landscape around architects.

For example, the rise of high-rise buildings and the rising number of urban residents have been closely linked.

As more and more people live in urban areas, many of these buildings are built with high-rises and tall buildings.

The increase in population has been accompanied by an increasing demand for higher-density buildings, and that demand has increased demand for a new kind of architecture.

In many cities, such as New York, New York City, and London, the architectural design of new high-end buildings has been increasingly influenced by what the developers have come to expect from their new residents: the high-profile appearance of their buildings, their highly ornate, ostentatious appearance, and the presence of their signature building materials, like stone and glass.

The New Yorker’s Gabriel Byrne and the architect David Geffen have both described their designs as ‘hyper-luxury’.

This is because the architect seeks to make the new buildings highly ornately beautiful and highly conspicuous.

When it comes to the architecture of the new high end, however, it’s all about the aesthetics.

High-end luxury buildings have become more and further removed from the cityscape and their appearance has been replaced by a new aesthetic of mass-produced and functional buildings.

High end luxury residential towers have been designed to appeal to people who live in a city that already has a large number of high rises and high-priced homes.

In addition, high-quality high-rent apartment buildings have been constructed with a low-rise facade and very little architectural design.

This low-density aesthetic has been combined with the fact that people have been encouraged to build high-density high-residences in cities.

This trend is reflected, for example, in the building styles of high end luxury apartments.

In London, for instance, high end high-class luxury apartment buildings are more often dominated by white-on-black (WOB) glass and metal construction.

This is a style of high quality construction that is largely considered a reflection of the European heritage of London’s buildings and therefore does not reflect the high standards of the British architectural community.

For many high-income earners in the developed world, the style of the high end of high luxury is largely dependent on the fact their homes are located in major metropolitan areas and their main focus is on the high standard of living.

In contrast, for those who work in cities, they are typically located in areas with a much smaller population and fewer people to rely on their high-tech lifestyle.

These cities, however have also become increasingly connected to the suburbs of the developed country.

For the wealthy, the importance of suburban living is even greater.

In these cities, it is often the case that the wealthiest residents of these cities are already living in the suburbs, which has been shown to increase their income.

In recent years, however it has become more difficult for these wealthy people to maintain their lifestyle in the city.

In some cases, the wealthy are also becoming less interested in the lifestyle that they have in the metropolitan areas that they live in.

For these reasons, the demand is for high-resolution, multi-story

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