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When Lilith Frazier became a superstar in the beauty industry, she did so by making her clients feel like they had a model to aspire to.

But when Frazier became famous for posting her photos on Instagram, she soon began receiving hate messages.

Frazier had just been diagnosed with breast cancer, and she struggled to find a way to share her positive energy with the world.

So she took matters into her own hands, posting selfies on Instagram of herself posing in a bikini, posing with her children, and even doing a selfie in a public restroom.

One Instagram user responded to Frazier’s selfies with a comment that read: “Lilith Frazier is a slut.

I hate her.

You’re just a slut.”

When Frazier was asked by the New York Post about her reaction, she said she was confused and “just wanted to get back to work.”

Frazier’s Instagram account was suspended after she posted about her ordeal in February 2018.

However, she was not deterred.

“It was like, OK, if you’re a good woman, you’re going to do this.

If you’re not, I’m not going to,” Frazier told the Post.

She continued to post her photos, even as the harassment continued to escalate.

She began sharing her experiences with other women in the industry, such as model-turned-fashion designer Laura Haddock.

Frazier even went topless in an Instagram post to defend herself.

But Frazier was also having trouble finding a way forward.

“I feel like the whole world is watching,” Frazier said in a 2017 interview with People.

“And I’m in a space that is being watched.

And I don’t want to get in a place where I’m just like, Oh, you don’t care about me anymore, you can’t see me anymore.

I want to do something, and I want something bigger.”

She decided to use her platform to speak out about her experience, but it wasn’t until 2017 that she officially launched her Instagram account.

The Instagram account became her way to express her feelings about the harassment she received.

Frazier was so shocked by the reaction to her post that she started a fundraiser in order to help her through the harassment.

And that was my way of saying that it was just wrong,” Frazier recalled. “

That made it so that everybody was like I’m a celebrity in a lot of ways, and this is how I was treated.

And that was my way of saying that it was just wrong,” Frazier recalled.

The photo has since gone viral.

Frazier is now a featured makeup artist at L’Oréal Paris and L’Oreal Paris, as well as working with beauty brands such as Marc Jacobs, MAC, and LVMH.

She has also launched a website dedicated to the hashtag #NoMoreHarassment and started a GoFundMe campaign to help support victims of harassment.

Frazier has received many support from fans and her family, who have given her donations of $1,000 for every post she made on Instagram.

But the harassment continues to be a constant threat.

Frazier said she is still getting messages on her Instagram, and when she sees one that doesn’t include a “like” or “follow” button, she knows she is doing the right thing by her customers.

“When I go to an event, I always ask my followers to stop sending me hate messages,” Frazier added.

“Sometimes I just have to just put it out there.”

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