Burak Akpinar

I’ve been a wig user for over 20 years, but never really got into it as a style choice.

Photojournalist J.A. Gaddis has been a frequent user of the wig for his work.

“It’s always a bit of a head-scratcher,” he said.

“I think people think it’s cute, and people think that it’s a bit girly.

And then people have their hair done up and it’s just really flattering.

But it’s also the perfect colour for a woman.”

But while the look is popular, there’s been some backlash online.

In 2015, a photojournalist from the US published a photo of herself with a wig, in which she had a wig on top of her head.

The woman was called out online for using her own hair for the photo.

“She had a hairpiece, she had it on all over her face and she had to remove it all in the photo,” he told ABC News.

In April this year, another photojournalism student uploaded a photo with her wig on her head to Instagram. “

But I mean, you have to understand, if you have a wig for that amount of time, it’s pretty easy to get tired of it.”

In April this year, another photojournalism student uploaded a photo with her wig on her head to Instagram.

“The wig has always been my favourite part of my head and now it’s even more of a fashion statement,” she captioned it.

“What if it’s been the only part of your head?”

It wasn’t just the reaction online.

On Twitter, many questioned the authenticity of the photo and wondered whether the wig had been Photoshopped.

“Are you really going to make a wig out of your hair?” asked one user.

“Do you really think this is going to be photoshopped?”

“What is the real world of photojournalists supposed to look like?” asked another.

“This is not a real photojournalistic photo,” said one Instagram user.

Another Instagram user wrote: “So why are you not using a wig?”

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