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With the UK prime minister having become Britain’s first world leader to travel abroad for humanitarian reasons, the BBC is reporting that the news media are now “focusing more on the effects of the Brexit vote” on the country.

“The news agenda in the UK has shifted in recent weeks to the Brexit referendum and its aftermath,” the BBC’s political editor, Nick Robinson, told the BBC.

Robinson added: “This is why, in the days since the Brexit decision, the British public have been looking at the effect on the UK of the news agenda. “

So far, the focus has been on the effect that it has had on the British economy, on jobs and wages, on the health of the economy and on Britain’s place in the world.”

People are looking at what’s happening in Britain now and what the impact is going to be in the months and years ahead.” “

It is a very different story from the world at large.

People are looking at what’s happening in Britain now and what the impact is going to be in the months and years ahead.”

As the British media’s focus shifted, so too did the coverage of the British elections.

The BBC is still reporting that polls showed “a clear majority” of voters wanted the UK to remain in the European Union, while the “unexpected” victory of Emmanuel Macron in France, which has led to the country’s “first democratic political party in 25 years”, led to an election of its own.

Meanwhile, in Russia, President Vladimir Putin’s re-election as Russia’s leader on Sunday (local time) has triggered a series of high-profile protests.

In the US, Hillary Clinton won the election, despite the fact that she had been accused of having an “open door” policy towards Russia.

Meanwhile in Germany, the “rise” of Alternative for Germany (AfD) party candidate Alexander Gauland is being described by the media as a “gigantic surge” that is “the biggest political phenomenon in decades”.

The BBC’s Robinson told the news agency that this surge was “the first major political event in Germany in 30 years”.

The coverage of these events in Germany has “further reduced the role of the German press in the debate” about the UK’s exit from the EU, Robinson added.

“In particular, the media has become much more interested in the impact that the Brexit result has had, rather than the economic implications of the referendum,” he said.

“We have seen a major reduction in the coverage we do in Germany on Brexit.

We’ve seen a rise in the number of people talking about it in Germany.”

Robinson said this has made it difficult for journalists to write about Brexit.

“One of the challenges that journalists face in reporting the Brexit debate in Germany is that they’re in a very good position to write on Brexit, so we’re often told that Brexit is the biggest story in Germany,” he added.

As the UK is “becoming increasingly important as a trading partner of the world”, Robinson told Al Jazeera the British government is “not prepared to allow the media to focus exclusively on Brexit.”

“It’s a matter of fairness for the British prime minister and British people to be able to tell their own stories,” he explained.

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